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Posted on 19th Jun at 1:09 PM, with 1 note

it’s halfway through 2014 and my favorite releases so far are to be kind, benji, friends on the moon, salad days, sunbathing animal, seek warmer climes, and north american poetry

and also i’ve mostly stopped using my tumblr

Posted on 3rd Jun at 1:15 AM, with 3 notes

spent the night listening to swans while on tinder

is this what being a 20-something is supposed to be?

Posted on 26th May at 9:38 PM, with 9 notes

abandoned toys “r” us in cleveland
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abandoned toys “r” us in cleveland

Posted on 17th May at 1:20 PM, with 3 notes

my band is putting out a cassette through secret ghost recordings holla

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